Your building(s) can be accessed from anywhere in the world through your standard web browser or mobile phone. i-Vu Control Systems allows you to remote access scheduling, set point adjustments, view trends, alarms, reports and tenant billing. These are just some of the features provided by i-Vu Control Systems.

Carrier/i-Vu Control Systems

Using Carrier’s iVu Building Automation system you can monitor your building systems 24 hours a day from anywhere. We will know there is a problem before you do with Carrier’s i-Vu system alarming and notification system.

HVAC Green Options

Have your HVAC building system do its part for the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions and your electric bill at the same time! You’ll be able to promote your building as being eco-friendly.

How we lower your costs

We will finely tune your HVAC building
automation system to give you maximum
comfort while allowing for maximum
savings in both the heating and
cooling seasons.

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